Hi my name is Nick James and as I’m sure you have gathered by now I’m a photographer for actors based in London UK. If you are anything like me you will have already had a look at the “mug shots” page and if you’re now reading this it’s because you would like to know a little bit more. I’ll keep this short and sweet, I went to art college for two years and then had a change of heart and went to GSA for three further years. Since leaving I’ve been working either as an actor, artist or photographer. Of late it’s been much more as a photographer but I feel it was the art and acting that has set me in good stead for the world of head shots. Over the past 17 years I’ve been very fortunate to have picked up recommendations from most of the top agents in London, I’m afraid there are far too many to list on this page. I have also photographed students from nearly every drama school in the country.

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Nick James has been placed as one of Londons top leading actors headshot photographers in blogs and reviews around the world and uk.